Welcome to the

American Investment

Service Corporation !

We are a traditional American

company, providing for our customers the following services:

  1. Business consulting

  2. Corporate relations service

  3. Corporate financial service

  4. Banking and accounting service

  5. International investment service

  6. Real estate project development

  7. Real estate management

  8. Management of assets and securities

Tel.:     +1 (888) 256-0470
Fax:     +1 (888) 256-0470
Email:  office[at]aiscorporation.com

Office Indianapolis
10103 Fruitwood Dr #150, N2
Indianapolis, IN 46235, USA

Office Keizer
5305 River Rd N, STE B
Keizer, OR 97303, USA

Oregon Secretary of State,
Corporation Division,
Registry Number: 969961-95mailto:office@aiscorporation.com?subject=Would%20be%20nice%20to%20know%20more%20about%20your%20servicehttp://egov.sos.state.or.us/br/pkg_web_name_srch_inq.do_name_srch?p_name=&p_regist_nbr=969961-95&p_srch=PHASE1&p_print=FALSE&p_entity_status=ACTINAshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1

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